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Developing SSIS Packages - Create a Control Flow Task and Test Package Execution


In this tutorial, you will work with control flow tasks and execute packages in the SSIS Designer.

1. If necessary, start SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), open

the project  SSIS Project you created in this tutorial , “Creating SSIS Packages

and Data Sources,” or open the completed exercise file from the companion CD, and

then edit the package named MyPackage.dtsx (right-click the package in Solution

Explorer, and then click Open).


2. Open the Toolbox window by selecting Toolbox from the View menu, locate the Execute

SQL Task item, and drag it to the control flow workspace of your package.


3. Edit the Execute SQL Task object by double-clicking the task icon or by right-clicking

the task icon and then clicking Edit.


4. Change the Connection property to use the AdventureWorks2008 connection.

5. In the SQL Statement property of the Execute SQL Task Editor dialog box, type the

following code:

UPDATE Production.Product

SET ProductLine = 's'



6. Click OK in the Execute SQL Task dialog box to return to the SSIS Designer. Right-click

the Execute SQL Task, click Rename, and type Update ProductLine.


7. Next, drag a Sequence Container object from the toolbox onto the control flow



8. Drag the Update ProductLine Execute SQL Task you just created into the Sequence

Container so that the task is nested in the Sequence Container box.


9. To test the execution of the package, click Start Debugging on the Standard toolbar or

choose Start Debugging from the Debug menu.


10. When the package execution is complete, your Sequence Container and Execute SQL

Task should be green.


11. Click the Execution Results tab (named Progress while the package is executing) in the

SSIS Designer to view the execution details.


12. Select the Stop button from the tool menu to stop the debugger (or choose Debug,

Stop Debugging from the Debug menu).


13. Click the Save All button on the BIDS toolbar.



MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-448): Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance (Self-Paced Training Kits)